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Senior Living SEO Marketing That Grows Census

At Tilladelse we work to find the right balance of giving Google what it is looking for while providing aesthetic for the family member who is using the website. Finding the right balance of content with a stimulating visual experience is essential to stand out while satisfying search engines.

What Exactly Are SEO Services?

Search Engine Optimization is the technique where website content ranks so that people can find your senior living website without paid advertising. To rank well, Google requires a few things that amount to authority and relevance for the website content provided. 

By following best practices, Tilladelse satisfies what Google is evaluating to rank your webpage.

When Should My Communities Focus on SEO?


In your strategic marketing plan, SEO would fall in the “meeting demand” category. Because search delivers results when somebody makes a query, you are working to get your community listed as high up in SERP (Search Engine Results Page) as possible. The first page of google provides between 40% to 3.5% of the impressions for each search depending on how the ranking (1-10). 

Said another way, if your SERP is Page 1 in the last position and there are 1000 impressions available monthly, you will receive approximately 35-page visits. If your SERP was page 1 in the first position, your web page would receive approximately 400-page visits. 

Organic results tend to have a click-through of 5.5x versus paid advertising which is why Tilladelse highly recommends it plays a major factor in your Senior Living marketing mix. The biggest key is to focus on local SEO given most families are moving in from within a 5-10 mile radius of your community.

Organic results tend to have a click through of 5.5x versus paid advertising which is why Tilladelse highly recommends it plays a major factor in your Senior Living marketing mix.

SEO for Senior Living Communities is Important When Building Your Digital Marketing Plan

Be found when the family searches Google or Bing about the next steps for their loved one.

When you think about meeting the demand for Senior Living in the marketplace you should think about search marketing and more specifically SEO. Because organic results outperform paid ads by a factor of 5.5x, you are much more likely to drive qualified traffic if you build pristine SERP for your key search terms. Beyond the idea of meeting demand, you are also more likely to intercept a family member that is very ready to make a decision about a loved one. 

Given the timing implications this does two things for your business: first, it engages the prospect when they are ready to make a decision about living arrangements, and secondly, it engages that prospect before your competition can secure the tour or deposit.

What is the difference between local SEO and national SEO and why is that important for your Senior Living Website?

Google’s search engine is very sophisticated and separates searches that are geography bound and those that are not. Here’s an example of a geography bound search (local search); say you are looking for an assisted living community or the best memory care community near me. Google knows that those are local searches based on your geography and prioritizes the SERP (search engine page results) that represents communities with proximity to your location.

To achieve success when looking for strong local search engine results there are many factors that influence the ranking. Those factors include consistency of information on a variety of listing services such as GMB, Apple, Bing, Four Square, as well as, other important sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Google prefers consistency for the information listed on your website with the listing services and social media regarding your name, address, phone number, and hours of operation. 

National SEO would include topics or services that have nothing to do with physical locations such as; “how to know when my mom should think about assisted living” or “what are the best foods to eat with a diagnosis of dementia”. Neither of these requires any physical location for pickup and thus will not trigger Google’s algorithm to prioritize results that favor location-based businesses. 

That’s not to say they are not terms you should look to rank for, because they are both very good topics for families looking for guidance, but they might be better suited as part of the content strategy that is further up the marketing funnel providing broad education and driving brand awareness.

Because Google preferences local businesses for specific categories it gives those local businesses a fighting chance to get ranked for their respective areas of business. This benefits your Senior Living SEO strategy.

Looking To Implement SEO for Assisted Living, Independent Living, and Memory Care?

We’ve Got You Covered.

First and foremost, our team has worked in the digital space, as well as the Senior living space. We focus on what matters to both your families and to the search engines. The intent (purchase or informational) of a keyword search matters. The content that satisfies the keyword intent matters. Starting with the right approach for SEO will dictate whether or not your campaign is successful.

Tilladelse has taken the time to build enhancements to websites that leverage local SEO to help them rank extremely well. This custom website design helps to deliver on the technical aspects that Google is looking for which include page experience metrics led by page load speed. By making sure load times are in the upper 90% as a part of the rest of the SEO best practices, Tilladelse ranks location-based web pages with premium search results.

How this Translates Into Census Growth For Your Retirement Communities

At the end of the day, digital marketing and SEO is a math game. The more impressions your website receives, the more visitors visit your website and specific landing pages. Utilizing well thought out content within your marketing strategy that intercepts the needs of the prospect means you will drive potential clients to engage with your community story and amenities to entice the prospect to learn more. This “visitor” then converts into a brochure or tour request to take the next steps with your local marketeer or salesperson. Again, this is just a math game, and the more qualified traffic you receive to your website, the better your chances are to take deposits and grow census.

SEO Company That Understands Senior Care

Search engine optimization companies often focus on what Google is looking for and miss one of the most important factors to deliver actual results to your community. In our experience, we see community sites that rank for terms that have no purchasing intent while missing the mark for what we call “high-intent” keyword terms that will deliver leads. Things that should be considered beyond just ranking for some keywords. Are we ranking for the right keywords in our geography? What is the actual experience on-site for the prospect? Does the website look really professional and is it easy to navigate for the family? Is the content mostly visually driven or does the web page read more like a blog than an introduction to the community? Does the site lend credibility to your communities and the care you provide? 

At Tilladelse we work to find the right balance of giving Google what it is looking for while providing aesthetic for the family member who is using the website. Finding the right balance of content with a stimulating visual experience is essential to stand out while satisfying search engines.

SEO Expertise Basics (Incase You’re Wondering)

Search Engine Marketing expertise is a must when choosing a company to help your website rank. There are many factors to consider and many factors that Tilladelse will accomplish in the background to help your community pages rank on Google. Here are a few of the factors Google considers when delivering SERP:

  • Domain Authority
  • Originality for content
  • Relevance of content
  • Readability of content
  • Page load time
  • Page experience
  • Page engagement
  • Internal linking structure
  • Backlinking
  • Meta data
  • Structured data
  • Review ratings

Search Marketing Done Well For Senior Living

Organic and Paid Search Marketing = SEO + PPC  Blend.

Search Engine Optimization combined with Pay-Per-Click marketing will often provide the best results at the beginning of an advertising campaign. When implementing SEO it can and will take time to start to rank your keywords (between 30-90 days). This is typically not the best option when a new website has been launched given we are looking for traffic on our beautiful new Tilladesle built site.

When introducing PPC, the community can start driving traffic within days of the new site launch providing return on investment right from the start. As organic rankings improve the budget can be shifted away from your initial paid campaign in favor of other tactics. 

The other great use for PPC is to augment location-based searches for highly contested Senior Living search terms. By utilizing the right mix of paid keywords a community can capitalize on the traffic that exists in a very prescriptive fashion to ensure they are maintaining a presence in the marketplace.

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